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Questions about the EU. Europe Direct  - Cracow can help !

I'm moving abroad to Europe/to another European country – how do I get my residence permit?

What are the rules on roaming charges?

My flight has been cancelled - what are my rights?

What EU grants can my organisation apply for?






For the answers to all these questions and more, contact Europe Direct – Cracow Info Centre (Europe Direct Info Centre – Cracow). Is open for/to all kinds of cooperation in the field of all European information/to all those searching for European information in our region. Is happy to help all those interested in European Union matters. Our main goal is to provide the widest possible audience with information about the European Union .


Europe Direct – Cracow Info Centre is a part of the European Commission network and act as the first point of contact with the European Union. The Europe Direct network hosts nearly 500 points across Europe including 30 currently operating in Poland .


Our mission is to provide the local community with comprehensive information about European Union.


Contact Europe Direct – Cracow Info Centre/us for:

  • answers to your questions regarding your EU rights, funding issues, etc.
  • invitations to local EU information/networking events
  • EU documents and publications
  • references to other information sources
  • contact details of other organisations


Europe Direct – Cracow Info Centre also offers you the opportunity to take part in conferences, training courses, European lessons (lessons about the EU) and competitions.

Every year on May 9, we invite you to celebrate the Europe Day.



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tel.: +48 12 628 26 81

Milena Wójtowicz

tel.: +48 12 628 28 45