Oferty spotkań brokerage event

Poniżej znajdą Państwo listę spotkań typu: spotkania brokerskie (brokerage event), matchmaking, networking, business meetings, B2B meetings, zarówno w formie wirtualnej, jak i spotkań w rzeczywistości. Jest ona aktualizowana na bieżąco. Istnieje możliwość sfinansowania udziału w wybranych wydarzeniach dla pracowników PK w ramach funduszu "Zdobądź Horyzont"

Wydarzenia nieaktualne umieszczono w akapicie "Zakończone".





1. Horizon Europe Matchmaking Event on Digital and Emerging Technologies and Human-centred AI

Kiedy: 24 stycznia 2022 r. (pon), 9:30-13:30)

Forma: on-line

Agenda: pobierz

Rejestracja: zarejestruj

Wpisowe: brak opłaty

Więcej: https://www.sbra.be/en/horizon-europe-matchmaking-event-digital-and-emerging-technologies-and-human-centred-ai

Organizatorzy: Slovenian Business & Research Association, the European Office of Cyprus – Brussels Office, NCBR Office in Brussels – Business & Science Poland, Eötvös Loránd University, the National Research, Development, and Innovation Office in Hungary and the Lithuanian RDI Liaison Office in Brussels

The goal of the event is to build a platform for everyone to share their ideas and find partners for future consortia in Horizon Europe calls, with a particular focus on Cluster 4, under Digital related topics (Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for green deal 2022; A human-centered and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies 2022 and other Digital related projects).

The deadline for registration and for the submission of pitch presentations is Wednesday, 19/01.

You can either register as an attendee (you will have opportunity to listen to the pitches) or as a pitch presenter (to make a 3-minute pitch on your ideas and potential). Please be aware that only 1 pitch presentation per institution will be allowed. As there is a limited number of pitch presentations places possible, the organisers reserve a right to select the presenters. Presenters will receive more detailed information about the expected structure and content of their pitches after their registration.


2. Horizon Europe Info Day, data 25 stycznia 2022 roku (wtorek)

Miejsce: on-line, platforma ZOOM

Organizator: Malta Council for Science and Technology

Rejestracja: formularz

Czas: 09:00-14:30

Wpisowe: brak opłaty

The Malta Council for Science and Technology are very pleased to invite you to the Horizon Europe Info Day on the 25th of January 2022. Event has been moved online, using Zoom, due to the COVID situation. This dedicated information session will introduce the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of €95.5 billion for the period between 2021 and 2027. The event will give an overview of the opportunities available  in Horizon Europe. It is also a very good opportunity to meet the National Contact Point for your area of interest. Agenda can be found here.


3. Health Tech Hub Styria Pitch & Partner 2022

Data: 27-28.01.2022 roku

Rejestracja: tu

Miejsce: on-line

Więcej: https://www.hth-styria.com/

Wpisowe: bez opłaty


Future Horizons: How do health and space tech go together?

This is only one of the many questions that will be discussed during this event.
Join the Space Session powered by ESA with Keynote and Experts' Panel, Corporate Call, Investor Pitching,B2B meetings and one of our inspiring Workshops!

Especially in times like this, building strong networks is more important than ever. This is why we aimed to offer the participants of this year's HTH Styria event access to many relevant players in technology transfer, academia/industry collaborations as well as early-stage innovations. We have seen, that fostering a European marketplace for pre-seed and seed investments in the health-tech and life sciences field can help to secure our future.

For whom?
Healthtech and biotech players like:

End users, hospitals, physicians etc.
E-health experts
Regional and national stakeholders

What can you expect in 2022?

Get inspired by exceptional keynotes
Present your project idea and/or company at our investor pitching
Get an overview of what's going on in the health-tech and biotech scene
Take part in a corporate call
Make promising contacts in pre-arranged meetings
A whole range of workshops

The participation is free of charge. The official language used at the event is English.



4. Information & Brokerage Session. Horizon Europe Cloud-Edge-IoT Call 2022

Kiedy: 02 lutego 2022 r.. 9:30-12:30

Gdzie: On-line

Wpisowe: brak opłaty

Info, rejestracja: https://www.h-cloud.eu/event/horizon-europe-information-and-brokerage-session/?instance_id=128

Pitch registration will start on 11 January 2022. The registration deadline is on 31 January 2022 12:00 CET latest. The event organisers will validate and confirm your pitch slot by 1 February 2022 12:00 CET.

Who can participate: Representatives of companies, universities, research institutes SMEs, individuals interested in sharing new projects ideas and finding collaboration partners.




5. 11th European Networking Event "Successful R & I in Europe 2022"

Kiedy: 17-18.02.2022 r.  (czw-pt)

Gdzie: Van der Valk Airporthotel, Düsseldorf (Niemcy)

Registration deadline is 10 February 2022. The deadline for submitting proposals in the call for presentations is 24 January 2022 (5:00pm).

Opłata: Conference fee: € 120 (€ 95 one day) per person including VAT.
Invoices are despatched before the event. Free participation for speakers in sessions 1 to 4.


The networking event is structured in parallel workshops focussing on seven topics:

  • Cluster 1: Health
  • Cluster 4: Digital (ICT)
  • Cluster 4: Industry (Materials)
  • Cluster 5: Energy
  • Cluster 5: Mobility
  • Cluster 6: Food & Bioeconomy
  • Innovative Procurement (PCP/PPI)

The event addresses especially universities and research institutes as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Participants are invited to become involved in established and new technology networks between researchers, entrepreneurs and multipliers related to Horizon Europe.

Więcej informacji, rejestracja: https://horizont.zenit.de/en/events/successful-2022/


6. Horizon Europe - Cluster 5 calls 2022 - virtual brokerage event for the 2022 calls of the Horizon Europe Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility

Gdzie: On-line

Kiedy: 04.02.2022 r. (piątek)

Rejestracja: obowiązkowa

Opłata: brak

Więcej: https://he-cluster5-2022.b2match.io/

Thematic focus

The event focuses on following Horizon Europe – Cluster 5 calls 2022:

  • Climate sciences and responses
  • Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition
  • Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply
  • Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use
  • Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes
  • Safe, Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods

The event is free of charge but registration and profile activation are mandatory to attend the brokerage event. When registering, please, fill in at least one Marketplace Item with information on what expertise you want to offer or request within the scope of the calls.


7. Long-term matchmaking - możliwość skorzystania w dolownym momencie do 27 stycznia 2022 z narzędzia on-line do przeprowadzania spontanicznych (niezaplanowanych) spotkań on-line.

The event focuses on following Horizon Europe – Cluster 6 calls:

  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • Fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems from primary production to consumption
  • Circular economy and bioeconomy sectors
  • Clean environment and zero pollution
  • Land, ocean and water for climate action
  • Resilient, inclusive, healthy and green rural, coastal and urban communities
  • Innovative governance, environmental observations and digital solutions in support of the Green Deal

The event is free of charge but registration and profile activation is mandatory to attend the brokerage event. When registering fill in also at least one Marketplace Item (= Add project cooperation) with information what exactly you offer or request within the scope of the calls.




1. Info and Brokerage event - "Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society" calls 2022 in Horizon Europe

Kiedy: 18 stycznia 2022 r.

Rejestracja: do piątku 14.01.2022 r.

Więcej: strona wydarzenia


On the 18th January 2022 Euresearch will organize an event focused on the "Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society" calls 2022 in Horizon Europe.

The event will be composed of two different parts:

I Part

Researchers will receive information on Horizon Europe programme and on the funding opportunities of the cluster "Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society" for 2022. A testimonial will share his experience in European projects.

Part II

The second part of the event will be dedicated to networking. Researchers will have the opportunity to pitch in 3 min to establish first contacts and network in view of a possible future proposal with the other participants.

Three break-out sessions based on the Destinations of "Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society" cluster will be organized (Each session is limited to 15 participants):

1) Innovative Research on Democracy and Governance

2) Innovative Research on the European Cultural Heritage and the Cultural and Creative Indutries

3) Innovative Research on Social and Economic Transformations

To register to the second part please complete the "pitch template" you will find in the official event page with your information and send it to clemence.roggo@euresearch.ch indicating the break-out session you want to attend before Friday 14 January 2022.



2. ECS Brokerage Event 2022

Kiedy: 18-19.01.2022 r. (wtorek-środa)

Gdzie: on-line

Info: https://horizoneurope.ie/event/ecs-brokerage-event-2022

Rejestracja: za pośrednictwem ECS Collaboration Tools

Opłata: € 40

Join us for the fourth edtion of this matchmaking event and take full advantage of the networking possibilities. Build your consortia and share project ideas. This virtual get-together is the perfect opportunity to collaborate and prepare for your proposals for the 2022 Xecs Call, KDT calls and other ECS related calls, for example Horizon Europe!

Pitch your idea
You can apply for a pre-recorded pitch presentation timeslot in the ECS Collaboration Tool until 03 January 2022. After your application, you will receive further information about how to record your virtual pitch.

Register directly
Participation in the ECS Brokerage Event is free of charge for members of the industry associations and for Public Authorities. For those who are not part of one of these communities, an entrance fee of € 40 ex. VAT is to be paid in advance (non-refundable).


3. Międzynarodowe spotkania brokerskie CLUSTER 2 - HORIZON EUROPE

Międzynarodowe spotkania brokerskie odbędą się następnego dnia – 8 grudnia – w formule online na dedykowanej platformie umożliwiającej umawianie i przeprowadzania bilateralnych spotkań online. Rejestracja na to wydarzenie jest już otwarta (https://horizoneurope-cluster2-2022brokerage.b2match.io/).

4. Brokerage event - Horizon Europe Health, 29.10.2021, godz. 10:00-17.30, piątek

Udział w wydarzeniu jest bezpłatny, ale wymagana jest rejestracja i utworzenie konta (wypełnienie profilu).

Niniejsze międzynarodowe wirtualne wydarzenie ma pomóc uczestnikom w organizowaniu konsorcjów do nadchodzących konkursów w ramach Horyzont Europa 2022:  na podstawie 2021-2022 Health Work Programme.

Więcej informacji na stronie poświęconej wydarzeniu: https://cluster-health-horizon-europe-brokerage.b2match.io/

5. Brokerage event with pre-arranged online Face2Face meetings complementing the first Horizon Europe event the Information Day on Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry & Space; rejestracja do 21.10.2021 roku

Ideal-ist, the network of National Contact Points for ICT research, in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network invites you to participate in a brokerage event with pre-arranged online Face2Face meetings complementing the first Horizon Europe event the Information Day on Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry & Space.

Więcej informacji: https://digital2021.ideal-ist.eu/

Darmowa rejestracja: https://digital2021.ideal-ist.eu/signup

6. Pharma, cosmetic and biotech brokerage event at Farmaforum 2021, 04 listopada 2021, MADRYD, HISZPANIA

Within the framework of the International Congress FARMAFORUM, COSMETICAFORUM, and HEALTH&RESEARCH FORUM 2021, Fundación madri+d para el Conocimiento organizes the 6th edition of Farmaforum International cooperation Day in Life Science to exchange information between possible technological partners, in the framework on the activities under Enterprise Europe Network.

Rejestracja: https://farmaforum2020.b2match.io/

The main objective of the event is to create a meeting forum for companies, research institutes, universities, and other organizations that are actively engaged within the field of Pharma, Biopharma, Cosmetic, Biotech, and Lab Technology. Participants may provide opportunities for collaboration and business based on technology, through aimed-to-agreement bilateral meetings.

Those entities which have been arranged meetings through the event tool will be able to participate in face-to-face sessions.

7. KosICT 2021 - 10th edition, Kosovo, Prizren

22-23 października 2021

Rejestracja: do 21.10.2021

Więcej informacji: https://kosict.com/

KosICT is a tech festival which held its first edition in 2011 with the aim of bridging the gap between the local and international ICT markets by highlighting and bringing the latest technological trends and developments to the Balkans, through local, regional and international experts who would share their experiences and knowledge with the audience comprised out of software developers, ICT enthusiasts and experts, C-level Executives, Academia Representatives and Students.

The upcoming 10th edition of KosICT Technology Festival will be held on the 22nd & 23rd of October, 2021 in ITP Prizren, Kosovo.

8. Konkursy Horyzont Europa 2022 – KE zaprasza na dni informacyjne i spotkania brokerskie

Komisja Europejska zaprasza na dni informacyjne dotyczące tematyki konkursowej w poszczególnych klastrach, a następnie na spotkania brokerskie, będące okazją do znalezienia partnerów projektowych.

Klaster 6 – Żywność, biogospodarka, zasoby naturalne, rolnictwo i środowisko

25/26 października 2021 – Dzień informacyjny
27 października 2021 – Spotkanie brokerskie

Klaster 1 – Zdrowie

28 października 2021 – Dzień informacyjny
29 października 2021 – Spotkanie brokerskie

Więcej info: https://www.kpk.gov.pl/konkursy-horyzont-europa-2022-ke-zaprasza-na-dni-informacyjne-i-spotkania-brokerskie


9. The EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) will take place on 25-29 October 2021 under the theme: ‘Towards 2030: Reshaping the European Energy System’.

The Policy Conference is the biggest European conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. Once again, the Policy Conference will be organised in a digital format, under the theme ‘Towards 2030: Reshaping the European Energy System’.

Sessions organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders will focus on sustainable energy issues, debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas. Alongside the conference, networking opportunities will gather the EUSEW Community online to forge alliances whilst the EUSEW Awards celebrate outstanding individuals, projects and ideas.

Program: https://www.eusew.eu/

Rejestracja: https://eusew.eu/registration

Networking: https://www.eusew.eu/about-networking

10. Cykl spotkań brokerskich przed pierwszymi konkursami w klastrach HEU.  W dniach 24 czerwca do 09 lipca 2021 r.


Zachęcamy do udziału w wirtualnych wydarzeniach brokerskich, które są doskonałą okazją do znalezienia potencjalnych partnerów do projektów przed zbliżającymi się konkursami w klastrach programu Horyzont Europa. Spotkania będą poprzedzone dniami informacyjnymi na temat poszczególnych klastrów.

Spotkanie brokerskie są okazją dla potencjalnych wnioskodawców do spotkania i omówienia pomysłów na wspólne projekty i budowania konsorcjów. Główną częścią wydarzeń będą bilateralne spotkania on-line z partnerami zainteresowanymi tymi samymi tematami w ramach konkursów 2021.

Po udanej rejestracji i przesłaniu wysokiej jakości profili współpracy, uczestnicy mogą wstępnie umówić się na spotkania dwustronne za pomocą narzędzia B2Match.

Więcej informacji po adresem: https://www.horizon-europe-infodays2021.eu/

Harmonogram wydarzeń w formacie PDF: https://www.horizon-europe-infodays2021.eu/system/files/2021-06/HE_Programme_03.pdf


11. Virtual Brokerage Event Horizon Europe Cluster 4 INDUSTRY, 22 czerwca 2021r. (wtorek)

Więcej informacji: https://events.b2match.com/events/cluster4industry


12. International Cluster-to-Cluster Meeting & Innovat&Match Brokerage Event, 15-17 czerwca 2021 r.

The event, now in its second online edition, focuses on 3 main topics:

- Digital transformation

- Green and blue growth

- Arts and culture resilience

Organised by ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory in cooperation with the Emilia-Romagna Enterprise Europe Network partners of the SIMPLER Consortium: CNA Emilia-Romagna, Confindustria Emilia-Romagna, PROMOS ITALIA – Camera di Commercio di Ravenna e Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna.

Rejestracja i więcej informacji: https://innovatmatch-2021.b2match.io/

13. European Research and Innovation Days, 22-23 czerwca 2021 r.

European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond.

Więcej informacji: https://ec.europa.eu/research-and-innovation/en/events/upcoming-events/research-innovation-days


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